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Inside S.O.5

Organic Cotton
- We use certifieded organic cotton. This ensures that the cotton we use is legit.
- Organic cotton goes through a process where the fields take no chemicals for usually 3 years. During this period
the cotton is called transitional cotton. After this the cotton can be certified as organic as long as no chemicals
are used.
- Organic cotton benefits the end user by not having chemicals in the fabric but more importantly it keeps tons
of chemicals out of the fields which effect wildlife and also leach into streams and ground water.

Recycled Cotton
-We use a unique process of recycling cotton. We collect scraps of clothing production whether it be fleece, tees,
piques, etc and put it into an industrial shredder. Once shredded we add some virgin cotton to stabilize the fabric.
This allows us to create recycled yarn.
- Recycled yarn is then taken and knitted into new garments like tree shirts or piques. It take the cuttings from
approximately 70 tee shirts to make 1 new tee.
- The process is the ultimate green process as it allows us to:
A. Keeps scraps out of the land fills
B. employ workers to sort fabric cuttings by color (thus creating new jobs!)
C. Allow us to use a fraction of the dye we normal would as the tee already had color to it!

Bamboo Fabrics
- We use Bamboo in two of our garments. Bamboo is a sustainable fiber that we can use as long as the process in
making the yarn is green. We work with Bamboo and we do not use suppliers that do not use slash and burn
harvesting techniques to extract bamboo and we do not use suppliers that taint water in the bamboo extraction
- Bamboo can grow at a rapid rate of up to 3ft per day! This makes utilization and development of bamboo as a
sustainable fiber very important to us at S.0.5

S.O.5 Embellishments
- At S.0.5 we always try to use printing techniques that are in line with the rest of our collection. This means that we
use S.F.O free ink when we can. This ink does not have the damaging chemicals in it that other plastisol prints do.
- Also we try to use water based or pigment prints whenever we can.

Factories with The S.0.5 Philosophy
- The factory we manufacture with in India has been reviewed by our production team, not only do they setup
schools for the worker’s children they have invested in windmills to power part of their factory.
- The factory we use in Pakistan, Will and Josh have setup an education fund for the worker’s children. The lack
of education has caused most of the world’s environmental problems. If we can help the education level then
by default the environment and world’s issues lessen.

Print Shop in U.S.
- Impact Design is based in Leavenworth KS and employes inmates for their embroidery and screen-print business.
Contrary to what you might think workers are paid wages they would be in the real world. The program is
voluntary, and fascinatingly the recidivism rates have dropped drastically as workers come out
of prison with a skill, and a bank account to start a new life. After all, that's what our company
is all about...second chances.


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